I’m so excited to announce another great collaboration, this time with Frankly Amsterdam. A great company with beautiful products with an honest origin, made in Europe from quality, natural materials. Together we’ve made two rugs with different pile heights, colors and textures, inspired by the crescent moons I’ve used in multiple artworks.


The Moon Parts rug is inspired by the many shapes the moon takes over the course of the month. Moon Parts’ soft edges and sharper crescents are shown through a gradual rise in the pile height. In the rug you can see four partial moon crescents, artfully move from low to high pile. The rug is hand tufted in Europe, made from 100% wool and is available in special colors and sizes on request.


The Moon Rug is a graphical black and beige rug with moon shapes framed by a low pile border and finished with stylish fringing at the top and bottom of the rug. It’s a true statement piece. Crafted from 100% thick premium wool, hand tufted in Europe.


Frankly Amsterdam and I have decided a portion of the rug profits will go towards the charity Water For Life. A single rug purchased will provide a family access to clean drinking water for the rest of their lives. Water For Life is a charity which provides sustainable access to drinking water and sanitary facilities for disadvantaged people in 198 countries around the world.