In a time where everything revolves around money, ART-IN-RETURN goes back to the oldest form of payment: the exchange.

I create to live with a full heart, not a full pocket.

The artworks are not for sale, but instead can be traded for the beautiful things in life. Things that inspire, give joy or that sustain this art project.

The Playground x Art in Return x The Farm

Exiting new project!

Art in Return created a paint collection together with the Farm and restyled photo studio The Playground in Amsterdam.

Read more about this here

ART IN RETURN verfcollectie | Atelier Oost Amsterdam

This ONLINE GALLERY gives an overview of all artworks. Each piece is a commissioned work that plays with light, dimension and graphic composition.

The artworks are divided into editions of unique pieces which come in an array of sizes handmade by the artist.


Art in Return artist

Not for sale. Art in exchange for the luxuries in life; for inspiration, joy or continuity of this project.

Swap, trade, bARTer. Using creativity to fulfill a transaction.

Check out the 5 values that will help you to get an artwork.


The artworks are divided into 5 categories to help you with the value of the gift in return or the price: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large.

These are mentioned behind the title of the artwork with S, M , L, XL and XXL. Similar to how my work was scaled in the fashion industry!

I can create any size or color you want…


The S refers to the small artworks, up to 30x40cm.


The M is linked to the medium sized artworks, up to 50x70cm.


The L is linked to the large-scale works, up to 70x100cm.


The XL is linked to the extra large artworks, up to 100x140cm.


The XXL is linked to the extra/extra large artworks, up to 140x140cm.