Amsterdam based Annemieke van Beek, who graduated from the Fashion Academy AMFI and Art academy St Joost in Breda, has worked for 25 years in fashion as creative director for several international fashion brands. Her endless love for art and creating inspired her to change her career. Now the time has come for her to follow her heart and her hands and create inspiring artworks for all to enjoy.

She finds her inspiration by traveling and experiencing different cultures which she then experiments in her own handcraft works and art.

Her work is graphic, minimalistic, rustic and is always playing with light and shadow. As an artist, she loves the eternal flow of creative and positive energy.


The artworks are divided into 5 categories to help you with the value of the gift in return: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large. These are mentioned behind the title of the artwork with S, M , L, XL and XXL. Similar to how my work was scaled in the fashion industry! But actually I can make any size you like…
Lots of questions regarding payment… Yes, they are also for sale! Due to the overwhelming requests  my wishlist became empty, so I decided to sell them as well. I works with M2 prices. And outside Holland I only work with tradional payment and crating and shipping costs will be added to the invoice.


The S refers to the small A4 or A3 works and represents a value between 300-400 euro.

Think about donations towards the art studio and supplies would help to keep the project alive and running.

Other ideas like city trips within Europe, overnight stays in inspiring hotels, exquisite meals or a just a gift voucher from the Amsterdam based Bijenkorf or Duikelman.

All creative suggestions are welcome, especially those which are inspiring to the brand.

(Payment price including tax: 350 euro for A4 and 400 euro for A3)


The M is linked to the medium sized works, between 40×50 and 50×70 cm and represents a value between 400-600 euros.

These ideas include the aforementioned in the value of S, but can also extend further.

Having a friend or family member to share these special moments with make it all the more enjoyable.

(Payment price including tax for 40×50 is 500 euro and for 50x70cm is 750 euro)


The L is linked to the large-scale works,  up to size 70x100cm and represents a value between 1100-1200 euros.

With the value of these works a great barter deal can be made. Think about a family trip to Asia, stay in aesthetically pleasing environments and enjoy finding inspiration while traveling the world.

The greatest energy derives from time spent with the people we love. Share the returns with those dear to the artist, making memories eating beautiful meals at a long table together, enjoying nice wines and conversations in exciting locations abroad.

( Payment price including tax 1500 euro)


The XL are the even larger pieces  that I make , up to 100x 140cm and represents a value between 2200-2400 euros.

These artworks are special not only for their size, but for the statement they can make in your home, restaurant, or large-scale interior.

It takes considerable time to create these special pieces and therefor the return can be something exceptional.

A nice piece of jewelry, a design piece for the interior, a professional photo shoot for a day or even catering a future Art in Return exhibition! The possibilities are endless…

(Payment price including tax 2850 euro)

Due to the overwhelming requests my wishlist is empty for the XL and this size can only be sold with the traditional payment system.


The XXL are the largest, up to 140×140 cm and most exclusive pieces that I make & ship worldwide and represents a value of 3950 euros.

Looking for an artwork to really stand out in your interior? The XXL artwork truly makes a statement and will be a true eye-catcher.

It takes a lot of effort to create such a large and special piece. So for the return, think big..

Tickets with the family to a inspiring country, a beautiful designer bag or the certainty and security to stay in the studio for a year would be a wonderful gift as well.


(Payment price including tax 3950 euro).

Due to the overwhelming requests my wishlist is empty for the XXL and this size can only be sold with the traditional payment system


How special it is to have an artwork made exclusively for you!

One of my favorite pieces to create is a personalized artwork that uses the initials of the recipient. This generous donor will receive a special commissioned piece designed and handcrafted with love by me.

All works can be made in any size or color.